CES 2023: World’s Largest Field-of-View OLED Display

Brelyon, an MIT spin-off, will showcase Brelyon Fusion, an OLED display with the world’s largest field of view, at CES 2023. If you want to experience a preview of a new era of holodeck-like technology pushing the boundaries of immersion, schedule a demo by contacting [email protected] or visit Brelyon at CES (Exhibit 61514, Venetian Expo, Level 1, Hall G, Eureka Park).

Brelyon Fusion features an 8K desktop virtual display with the latest computational and lightfield expansion innovations with surround video conferencing using Synthetic Aperture technology and spatial audio. No need to wear a headset.

The technology will enable new types of immersive applications such as gaming, simulation, virtual offices, meeting rooms, events, and collaboration spaces.

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