Collaboration on the design of a next-generation X-ray sensor

The collaboration on the design and the development of a next-generation X-ray sensor has been announced by Trophy, a company belonging to the Carestream Dental Group (Marne-la-Vallée, France) and Caeleste (Mechelen, Belgium).

Jean Marc Inglèse, Chief Technology Officer of Carestream Dental said: “I am thrilled to renew our collaboration with Caeleste and launch this initiative that will contribute to making some of our most successful products even more successful. This success was largely based on the quality of Caeleste’s support in terms of detector design and large-volume manufacturing, which has allowed us to deliver robust products and best-in-class image quality to our customers. The next generation detector opens the way to an even better future and will set new standards in the industry.”

Geert De Peuter, Chief Executive Officer of Caeleste added: “This project is an excellent example to highlight Caeleste’s innovative CMOS solutions for challenging image sensors. It shows our vision to complement our customer’s application expertise with a well-chosen customization to differentiate from off-the-shelf X-ray image sensors. With this collaboration, Caeleste goes the extra mile to fortify Carestream Dental’s competitive position. Successful partnerships in the past have proven to be a solid baseline for new generation X-ray sensors.”

Source Carestream Dental
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