Aluminum Polymer Capacitors Provide Longer Useful Life

Vishay new series of aluminum polymer capacitors featuring conductive technology. For portable electronics and consumer and telecom vishay capacitor Lapplications, Vishay BCcomponents 180 CPS and 181 CPL series devices provide higher ripple current, lower impedance, and longer useful life than standard aluminum capacitors.

Offered in a variety of case sizes from 5.3 mm by 5.3 mm by 5.7 mm to 10.4 mm by 10.4 mm by 12.6 mm, 180 CPS and 181 CPL series capacitors offer long useful life of 2500 h and 5000 h at +105 °C, respectively. The devices deliver ripple current to 6100 mA and impedance down to 9 mΩ.

The RoHS-compliant, surface-mount capacitors can support automatic placement and high-temperature reflow soldering according to JEDEC.

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