The SUM-40 – Redefining the Capability of Compact Motors

DSM SUM 40 reference NoBack LDynamic Structures and Materials (DSM) is proud to unveil the SUM-40, a precision rotary smart motor.  The SUM-40 is unique due to its combination of high torque, precision, zero backlash, and zero power hold.  DSM’s SUM-40 package houses a motor, driver, and high resolution encoder in a compact package (NEMA 17).

The product is the first of its kind to use both USB Type-C and RS-232 protocols for communication and power. Intuitive software allows precision rotary motion to be quickly integrated into your application.

This product is scheduled to release this summer but DSM is starting a Beta testing phase before the official release.  Please inquire if you are interested in participating.

The advantages of this product include:

–              82 grams total mass

–              130 microradian resolution

–              100 mN-m max torque

–              1800 deg/s max speed

–              Zero backlash

–              Zero power hold

–              Quiet operation

–              NEMA 17 mounting

–              Nonmagnetic version available

Common industries of application are aerospace, robotics, instrumentation, medical devices, proportional valves, gimbals, optics, and other applications requiring actuation in a small package.

Zero Backlash and Zero Power Hold

The core technology driving this motor features zero backlash and zero power hold properties.  Customers have found that zero power hold eliminates the need for an external brake and greatly reduces power consumption on low to medium duty cycle applications.  These properties, combined with a 130 microradian resolution, make the SUM-40 ideal for precision rotary positioning applications.

High Torque in a Small Package

The motor is approximately 40 mm in diameter, 35 mm in length, and weighs only 82 grams.  It boasts a continuous output torque of 50 mN-m and a peak torque of 100 mN-m.  The motor is ideal for instances in which space is limited and high torque is required.


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