Conductive elastomer engineering handbook from Parker Chomerics

A new Conductive Elastomer Engineering Handbook for EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding applications has been published by Parker Chomerics.

Available as a free download in PDF format, this essential guide aims to help design engineers in selecting the optimum EMI gasket for the task in hand.

The 152-page handbook is an essential design companion for any engineer tasked with delivering EMI shielding solutions. As well as a thorough look at the theory behind EMI shielding, the new publication also focuses on corrosion resistance, with particular emphasis on design guides for corrosion control.

One of the numerous informative sections in the Conductive Elastomer Engineering Handbook focuses specifically on gasket design, where there are many areas of principal emphasis, not least gasket junction design. Other chapters include seal cross-section selection, fastener requirements and designing a solid-O gasket-in-a-groove.

With regard to the latter, the guide outlines various mechanical considerations, including how to analyze worst-case tolerances and calculate the required dimensions for the groove and solid-O gasket. A further section on gasket mounting techniques shows designers cost-effective choices in both materials and assembly.

Section 4 examines the performance data associated with conductive elastomers, including compression-deflection, stress relaxation, compression set and shielding effectiveness. Also covered are EMP survivability, vibration resistance, heat ageing, outgassing and lightning strike resistance.

The Conductive Elastomer Engineering Handbook includes details on the Parker Chomerics’ CHO-SEAL range of conductive elastomer materials, along with guides to CHO-SEAL extrusion products and CHO-SEAL molded products. The latter includes information on sheet stock and fabricated parts, connector gaskets, mounting flange gaskets, D-subminiature gaskets, interfacial seals, waveguide gaskets, flat washers, molded gaskets, molded D- and O-rings, jam nut seals, molded reinforced seals, molded in-place cover seals and over molded solutions.

Further products from Parker Chomerics included in the handbook are CHOFORM and ParPHorm form-in-place EMI gaskets, and CHO-MUTE microwave absorber materials.

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