Cost-Effective PWM Controllers from Diodes Optimized for Quick-Charge Applications

Optimized for quick-chDiodes AP3127 Large applications in consumer portable products such as intelligent cellphone chargers and notebook adaptors, the  current-mode PWM controllers introduced by Diodes Incorporated provides a high-performance and cost-effective solution. Additional applications in the consumer electronics and communications markets include: set-top boxes, game consoles, modems and networking equipment.

In normal operation, the PWM switching frequency of the AP3127 and AP3127H controllers is internally fixed at 65kHz and 100kHz, respectively. However under moderate load conditions the device will enter a green mode that uses frequency fold-back to reduce the switching frequency for improved system efficiency, although a minimum switching frequency of 20kHz ensures any audible noise is avoided. Under no-load or light-load conditions, the ICs use a burst mode to minimize standby power while a built-in frequency dithering function reduces EMI emissions.

In addition to offering superior power control with higher average efficiency than pin-equivalent competitive products, the AP3127/H controllers include a comprehensive range of protection features to ensure stable, robust and reliable operation. These cover various overload and fault conditions such as over-current, secondary-side over-voltage (SOVP), internal over-temperature (OTP), and secondary-side under-voltage protection (SUVP), which protects a supply if its output cable is shorted.

In 1k piece quantities, the AP3127/H PWM controllers in standard SOT26 package are priced at $0.34 each.

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