Could This Material Reduce Computer and Electronics Energy Consumption?

Researchers at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities have synthesized a thin film of a unique topological semimetal material with the potential to generate more computing power and memory storage using less energy. Their work is published in Nature Communications.

Now there is a class of quantum materials called topological semimetals. Electrons in these materials behave differently, resulting in unique properties that typical insulators and metals used in electronic devices do not have. The materials have potential use in spintronic devices, an alternative to semiconductors, leveraging the spin of electrons rather than the electrical charge to store data and process information.

The University of Minnesota team is the first to use a patented, industry-compatible sputtering process to create this semimetal in a thin film.

Typically, when you apply a magnetic field, the longitudinal resistance of a material will increase. With this topological material, it will decrease.

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