Datakey RUGGEDrive™ Adds Industrial UFX Models

ATEK Access Technologies is adding the Industrial UFX Series to its Datakey RUGGEDrive™ line of memory tokens. This series of RUGGEDrive memory tokens provides USB flash drive functionality with industrial temperature operation and optional pSLC NAND flash.

Datakey Industrial UFX memory tokens differ from standard USB flash drives (aka USB sticks, thumb drives, etc.) in three main ways:

  1. RUGGEDrive tokens use ATEK’s proprietary SlimLine™ contact system and receptacles.
  2. Industrial UFX memory tokens rate for operation over the industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.
  3. RUGGEDrive memory tokens utilize solid, overmolded construction using engineered thermoplastic, making them ideal for applications that may require some abuse.

RUGGEDrive tokens are common in products for defense, mining, agriculture, industrial, and medical applications.

An Industrial UFX memory token plugs into a SlimLine receptacle that is rated for 50,000 insertions.

The Industrial UFX memory token line replaces the previous UFX line that shared the same form factor and construction. This new line features all-new electronics rated for operation over the entire industrial temperature range.

“With a name like RUGGEDrive, people tend to focus on the robust construction and the extended temperature range,” said Paul Plitzuweit, Product Manager for the Datakey line, “but it’s the non-standard, proprietary form factor that gives this product its edge over traditional USB flash drives.”


Datakey Industrial UFX memory tokens give designers the USB flash drive functionality their applications call for without the risks. Instead of using a USB connector on their device, the embedded design can use a Datakey SlimLine receptacle. (Datakey offers dozens of SlimLine receptacles, including board-mount and panel-mount receptacles, including some with IP65 and IP67 ratings.) Industrial UFX tokens will plug in, but USB flash drives and other USB devices will not. This reduces the threat of infection from malware that can infect USB flash drives.

The gold contacts shown on this Industrial UFX memory token are found on both sides so the token can’t be inserted upside down.


Industrial UFX memory tokens are available in memory capacities from 4 GB to 64 GB and come in six standard colors. Customization options include color matching, custom logo, laser marking, and an optional fixed BOM. ATEK manufactures the Industrial UFX memory tokens and all Datakey products from its Brainerd, Minnesota, USA manufacturing facility.

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