Deepen Calibrate speeds self-driving calibration to minutes

Calibrating sensor data in autonomous systems must be simple and quick, but above all, it must be accurate. Deepen AI just unveiled a software tool, Deepen Calibrate, to enable the calibration of multi-sensor data, managing process complexities, and making the system safer.

This type of calibration, according to Deepen AI, typically involves PhD-level engineers. With the Deepen Calibrate software, however, they claim that anyone can perform the function.

Autonomous systems use sensor data from cameras and LiDAR, which must be calibrated with each other and with reality for them to work and be safe. Deepen Calibrate cuts the time involved from hours to minutes, accelerating computer vision training, and democratizing this key part of the data curation.

Key features of Deepen Calibrate include:

  • Visualize and inspect the integrity of multi-sensor data seamlessly
  • Calculate intrinsic/extrinsic calibration parameters
  • Export calibrated data into Deepen AI’s annotation tools

The software is currently available, and more information can be found at Deepen AI.

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