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Dev kit simplifies connection of IoT applications to enterprise cloud


The Renesas AE-CLOUD1 kit, available from Rutronik UK, demonstrates the Synergy Enterprise Cloud Toolbox which enables users to connect their IoT applications to enterprise cloud vendors such as Amazon, Microsoft or Google with minimum effort and no cumbersome licensing.

Including reference solutions, step-by-step documentation and complete software-projects, the AE-CLOUD1 kit is designed to kickstart the development of connected applications. The kit allows developers to get quickly started on the Synergy Software Package (SSP) and enables them to set up WiFi-Framework, Ethernet connectivity and cloud connectivity.

The Enterprise Cloud Toolbox is a powerful extension to Renesas’ Synergy Platform. Its combination of security and connectivity solutions come together to make up a practical IoT application that developers can customize for their own end-applications. Therefore, it is ideally suited for developers looking for an uncomplicated and secure option to connect their products flexible and fast to a major enterprise cloud service. Without any need for complicated setups, the Kit helps to connect devices to the clouds of Amazon, Google or Microsoft in under ten minutes. The package combines pre-integrated, tested, qualified and maintained hard- and software to grant high security and reliability.

At no cost, developers can make this connection using a Renesas-hosted cloud account. If users already own an account, they can choose to integrate the connection within it. With an established connection, the Synergy Enterprise Cloud Toolbox enables users to visualize their sensor data on a private dashboard streaming live to the cloud from Synergy MCU-based hardware over WiFi or a cellular connection.

The AE-CLOUD1 kit is ideally suited for networking IoT-devices that monitor and/or control surrounding environment and mechanisms. Therefore, target applications include smart home, industry-automation, building-automation, energy management systems, medical and appliances. It can be used for just about anything that has an MCU connected to the network.

Source Rutronik

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