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Digging Deeply into Walker Breakdown in 3D Magnetic Nanowires

A group of international physicists is delving into how the magnetic properties change in 3D nanowires, probing deeply into the Walker breakdown phenomenon.

The cross-sectional geometry of a 3-D nanowire affects domain wall dynamics and is crucial for their control. Managing DW dynamics under various external conditions is necessary in order to realize the future faster, more reliably, and with smaller, more energy-efficient electronics and computing devices, such as magnetic memory, generators of magnetic signals, and magnetic logic devices.

The domain wall dynamics in magnetic nanowires is curbed by the loss of the linear dependence of the velocity of domain walls on the magnitude of the external magnetic field when the field exceeds a critical value known as the Walker field. While diverse cross-sectional shapes and curvatures of nanowires determine their dynamic and static magnetic properties, the properties are hard to study due to the 3-D structure of the nano-objects. Also challenging is the scaling up of production of 3D nanowires and compatibility with such existing engineering solutions as nanoelectronics.

The scientists plan to develop a theoretical model to predict the change in the dynamic magnetic properties in 3D nanowires of various cross-sections and curvatures.

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