Easily Design an Industrial Power Supply

Maxim’s power supply experts have designed and built a series of isolated, industrial power-supply Maxim power Lreference designs. Each of these power supplies efficiently converts 24V into useful voltage rails at a variety of power levels. Every power rail is isolated with a readily available transformer from multiple, global vendors, providing for quick, convenient transformer selection. Each design has been tested for load and line regulation, as well as efficiency and transient performance. As with all Maxim reference designs, the BOM, schematics, layout files, and Gerber files are all available. In addition, boards are available for purchase; most boards feature through-hole pins for immediate board placement and accelerated prototyping.

MAXREFDES112# is an efficient flyback topology with 24V input, and a 12V output at 10W of power (0.8A). The design features the MAX17596, a peak-current-mode converter with flexible switching frequency. This entire circuit fits on a 20.3mm (0.8in) x 59.7mm (2.35in) board.


  • Functional insulation
  • Compact and flexible
  • Minimal external components
  • Robust operation in adverse industrial environments
  • 12V 800mA with 20% over range current
  • ±5% output accuracy

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