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Enabling Faster Time-to-Market for 7nm Designs


Synopsys has announced that its Fusion Design Platform has achieved a significant 7-nanometer (nm) milestone surpassing 100 tapeouts in the first year, driven by customers realizing 20% better quality-of-results (QoR) and more than 2X time-to-results (TTR) speed-up.

Comprised of Synopsys’ market-leading digital design tools, the Fusion Design Platform redefines conventional tool boundaries, sharing engines and using a unique single-data-model for both logical and physical representation, and delivering lower power and higher performance on challenging 7nm designs.

“It is encouraging to see rapid deployment of the Fusion Design Platform by our customers,” said Sassine Ghazi, Co-General Manager, Design Group at Synopsys. “We have worked closely with customer design teams to architect a platform that can tackle the escalating technical challenges at advanced process nodes. Using the

Fusion Design Platform at 7nm, design teams can achieve new levels of productivity, increase their design differentiation, and get their end products to market much faster.”

The Fusion Design Platform provides 7nm extreme-ultraviolet (EUV) single-exposure-based optimization, via pillars, and via stapling implementation for maximum design routability and utilization, and minimal IR-drop and electromigration.

It also provides the most predictable full-flow convergence at 7nm with the fewest iterations utilizing Design Compiler Graphical and Design Compiler NXT synthesis, IC Compiler II place-and-route and Fusion Compiler RTL-to-GDSII system, TestMAX test and diagnosis, PrimeTime signoff, StarRC extraction, RedHawk Analysis Fusion power integrity, and IC Validator physical signoff tools.

Source Synopsys

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