Engineering 101

Engineering Students Spark Their Ideas Up

The engineering sector has become a thriving industry over the years, with 5.7 million employees working in registered engineering jobs, and that’s just in the UK. There are a huge number of jobs on offer within the engineering industry; from Field Service Engineer to Automation Engineer to Test and Integration Engineer to Design Engineer.

Are you picturing your new career in engineering? Yes, good idea!

The importance of any degree is related to your passion and interest for that particular subject. Whilst studying for a degree, you will most likely develop a variety of skills related to that field.

As you learn more about the engineering industry you will begin to think like an engineer. You will develop logical thinking, analysis skills, decision making and numeracy skills, all of which are greatly needed in the world of work, in any profession.

Engineers and scientists are vital to our society and economy. Their skills and knowledge are in high demand across all sectors, from financial services to manufacturing and everything in between.

Did you know an engineering education benefits civic, economic and intellectual activity across the world?

Daylight in a bottle

Dream Big see ways that engineers are bringing light to the interior of buildings without the need for electricity. In the Transbay Transit Center, engineers have designed a way to bring natural sunlight into the station in order to make it more energy efficient. During this design challenge, students experiment with ways to make similar devices to light the homes of those in need.

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