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ePint Is The Internet-Connected, Smart Beer Mug To Add To Your IoT Home

While we’re busy connecting every aspect of our homes — thermostats, cooking accessories, lights, security systems, just to name a few — why not start connecting our kitchen staples, like drinking glasses. Better yet, what about a beer mug?

A company called XLink, a division of XTreme Technologies Corp., thinks it’s a good idea, so it came up with the ePint smart beer mug for you to add to your collection of IoT devices – and it could make for quite the conversation-starter at your next party.

ePint contains plenty of hidden electronics, as well as RGB LEDs so you can show off your mug in multiple colors. The company built in an accelerometer that keeps track of ePint’s position and can react to it, as well as a fluid-detection sensor technology that knows your mug is empty. Since it’s a “connected” device, the company also decided to let ePints communicate with other ePints nearby.

How it works

First you’ll have to connect your ePint e to the Internet via the ePint app, so you’ll have to make sure your cellphone is close by your  mug while in use. You can even connect multiple mugs to your cellphone. From that point, you can engage in all kinds of beer-mug festivities. For example, ePint can change colors, detect an empty mug, flash to the beat of music playing on your phone, connect to social networks, and participate in drinking games. You can even set it to flash in your favorite team’s colors if they score during a sporting event.

The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for ePint production. If you’re interested you can purchase one for $30 while the early-bird special is still going on (estimated shipping in January 2016).


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