Explainable-AI startup makes the Forrester New Tech: Responsible AI (RAI) Solutions Report

Z Advanced Computing (ZAC), an artificial intelligence startup, hit the fast track with its inclusion in Forrester Research’s New Tech: Responsible AI Solutions, Q4 2020 report—an impressive feat for a startup.

ZAC’s Cognition-based Explainable-AI (XAI), relies on algorithms whereby various attributes and details of complex 3D objects can be recognized from any view or angle. To date, this can’t be accomplished with any other technique. ZAC also needs less CPU/ GPU and electrical power to run, making it ideal for mobile and edge applications.

ZAC Cognition-based Explainable-AI (XAI) enabling wide variety of applications.

The technology provides image search for such applications as e-commerce, ad network, autonomous vehicles, medical imaging, satellite/ aerial imaging, smart homes/ appliances, smart cities, biometrics, face recognition, video, surveillance, and security. There’s genius behind the technology. Its development is headed by Saied Tadayon, a scientist and veteran software developer, who got his PhD from Cornell at age 23.

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