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Ford Motor Company use accelerated belt aging stand for noise testing

SAKOR Technologies, a recognized leader in the implementation of instrumentation products for dynamometer testing, has announced that it has supplied an accelerated belt aging stand to Ford Motor Company for use in belt noise testing. The new preliminary conditioning equipment will be used to prepare belts for conducting full testing required to meet SAE J2432-2012 specifications for belt noise in vehicle Front End Accessory Drive (FEAD) applications.

SAKOR previously supplied Ford with the original belt noise test stands.The new SAKOR conditioning stand subjects belts to dynamic loads, temperatures, and stresses that will give them the physical characteristics of aging belts. Artificially accelerating the aging process introduces the noise characteristics that can then be properly tested to ensure they meet SAE J2432-2012 standard, Performance Testing of PK Section V-Ribbed Belts in actual conditions. This new standard covers accessory drive belt testing methods and includes test configurations, pulley diameters, power loads, and guidance for interpreting test data.

The original aging stand was designed to condition only one belt at a time, at a fixed load. The new stand can age up to three belts at a time, reducing the time necessary to test a given belt design. Ford will use the stand to test new belt materials, designs, or manufacturers to evaluate how they are likely to perform once installed in an engine for a period of time.

“The new aging unit has been very well received by Ford,” said Randal Beattie, President of SAKOR. “We are excited to add this enhanced stand to help Ford improve its ability to evaluate belt performance in accordance with the new SAE test standards.”

Source SAKOR Technologies

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