Freescale Introduces Precision Valve Controller SoCs for Safe and Robust Connected Hydraulic Systems

Highly integrated solution with connected diagnostics for IoT-based preventative maintenance reduces costs, simplifies design and speeds time to market

Freescale Semiconductor has introduced two highly integrated valve controller system-on-chips (SoCs) with high precision current measurement, SPI connectivity and sophisticated functional safety management features for hydraulic and pneumatic systems control.

Freescale LogoFreescale’s new SB0410/SB0800 SoCs are single-chip analog controllers engineered to simultaneously manage up to eight valves, regulating current and running the motor. The devices are suitable for loads with high inrush current and allow driving to high frequency (up to 5 kHz). Target applications include hydraulic and pneumatic systems, oxygen concentrators, medical equipment, 3D printers, drink dispensers,farming and factory equipment as well as water control for irrigation.

When connected to a network, the integrated SoCs help drive a secure Internet of Tomorrow by enabling predictive maintenance and diagnostics designed specifically for harsh environments. This allows operators in industrial, medical and agricultural applications to know when maintenance is needed and where. The diagnostic capability also allows the controllers to detect bad connections, high temperatures or other safety concerns, and then shut down automatically.

“Building on Freescale’s analog legacy, our new highly integrated valve controllers provide a single-chip solution for robust, reliable control of hydraulic systems in harsh environments,” said Patrick Morgan, general manager of the safety systems business of Freescale’s analog division. “These valve controller SoCs enable industrial customers to save board space and costs, and spend less time and effort to achieve precise current regulation targets. And when connected to a network, the devices provide valuable visibility into the state or condition of industrial equipment, thereby boosting reliability and lowering cost of ownership.”

The devices incorporate both motor pump and valve control functionalities. This level of integration not only makes the SoCs significantly smaller than competitive solutions based on discrete products, but also helps to simplify design and reduce costs. To accurately measure the current that controls the valve in hydraulic networks, discrete solutions must spend time calibrating and re-calibrating the different end products due to the various resistor and capacitor value differences. Moving from discrete devices to Freescale’s integrated SoCs, customers can reduce the time and effort they spend on software, lowering development time and costs, and speeding time to market.

These features are all programmed through a simple serial peripheral interface (SPI) that enables users to perform control and diagnostic functions directly on the chip. The devices include self-recovery features that are benefits of the embedded supervision that allows extensive safety monitoring.

Additional Features:

  • Integrated valve drivers with current regulation or PWM mode
  • Real-time current regulation (no shunt, no op amp)
  • Valve protection and diagnostics
  • Safe switching off mode for safety and robustness
  • Motor pump pre-driver
  • SPI interface to command all functions
  • Challenger & windowed watchdog with CRC
  • Faults management (Under/Overvoltage, Over temp, Open load, Over-current)

Development Support

Demonstrating the key features of the SB0410/SB0800 SoCs through a simple USB connection, Freescale’s easy-to-use KITVALVECNTLEVM evaluation board minimizes software development cycles and is available now priced at $265.00 (USD). Reference designs with integrated hardware and software support for the SB0410/SB0800 deliver “plug-and-play” functionality and enable streamlined development of hydraulic and pneumatic applications. Freescale Tower System boards for customer evaluation are planned to be available later this year under kit numbers TWR-SB0410-36EVB and TWR-SB0800-36EVB.

Availability and Pricing

The SB0410 and SB0800 are available now from Freescale and authorized distributors worldwide for a suggested resale price of $4.65 (USD) for the MC34SB0410 and $6.90 (USD) for the MC34SB0800 in 10,000-unit quantities. Please contact Freescale Sales for additional quantities.

Robust and reliable analog performance

The majority of Freescale analog products meet critical industrial market requirements, including operation across extended temperature ranges. These products are designed and manufactured with rigorous process controls, and qualified using industry standard methodologies designed to yield defect rates in line with the stringent requirements of the automotive market. The SB0410 and SB0800 SoCs are included in Freescale’s product longevity program, which provides assurance of supply for a minimum of 10 or 15 years from the time of launch. For terms and conditions, and to see a list of participating Freescale products,


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