From Rosie to Optimus Prime: CES 2023 Robotics Wrap Up

When you hear the words “housekeeping robot,” what’s the first name that comes to mind? We wouldn’t be surprised if it’s “Rosie,” the Jetsons’ home assistant. Certainly, the name was on the tongues of many CES 2023 attendees as they explored the latest robotics technologies.

Since the 1962 television show hit the screens of our giant tube television sets, a robot that cleans the house has been the benchmark for usefulness in-home technology. Sadly, robotic housekeepers – even when they can also clean hardwood and tile floors – fall short of the expectations many of us had growing up.

But Samsung is here to save us all – or at least preserve our childhood dreams. At a press conference at CES, Samsung Electronics vice chairman and CEO Han Jong-hee announced, “We plan to release a human assistant robot called EX1 within this year.”

Not to be confused with the Samsung EX1 camera launched in 2010, the EX1 robot is likely to be able to perform basic household tasks and chores. Samsung had announced a robot maid, Bot Handy, at CES 2021, but the prototype never came to fruition.

Two years of technology advancements and a partnership with Rainbow Robotics, a company that produces industrial robots and is helping Samsung bolster its robot workforce, give us hope for EX1. Or, if you prefer, Rosie.

Meanwhile, plenty of useful robots on display at CES 2023 are already on store shelves or e-commerce websites – or will be soon.

Labrador Retriever Robot

The cleverly named “Labrador Retriever” Robot from Labrador Systems, also dubbed a Cinderella robot because of the way it can help around the house, was unveiled as a prototype at CES 2023. The robot uses 3D vision and sensors to navigate a home and can retrieve and carry up to 25 lbs. (Hence, the name.)

The robot interacts with Amazon Alexa artificial intelligence technology to respond to voice commands. The robot is intended for use in assisted living communities or to allow aging or disabled adults to live alone longer by completing everyday household tasks.

“The proof-of-concept demo with the Echo Show 10 is a preview of what we will be testing in our next rounds of pilots with care providers,” said Mike Dooley, Labrador Systems CEO, in a press release picked up by “Capabilities like this can make a dramatic difference in the quality of people’s lives and their ability to live independently while staying connected with others, and we’re grateful to Amazon’s team for their support on this project.”

Roborock S8+

Hailed as one of the top robotic vacuums on the market today, the Roborock S8+ doesn’t look anything like the beloved Rosie. But when it comes to cleaning floors, it gets the job done. It can vacuum and mop floors and even empty its own canister, so you can check at least one household chore off your to-do list.

EcoFlow Blade

Now that you’ve got indoor surfaces taken care of thanks to the Roborock S8+, you might be thinking it would be nice to have a robot mow your lawn. Turns out, there’s an app (and a smart device) for that, too.

The EcoFlow Blade smart lawn mower and leaf sweeping bot connects via 4G, has anti-theft features, and allows users to set up virtual boundaries for a perfectly manicured lawn.

Enabot Ebo X Home Security Bot

If you’re looking for home security, a smart speaker, and a pet toy all in one, the Enabot Ebo X fits the bill. Plus, he’s cute as a button, about the size of a softball and capable of navigating your home without crashing into walls or damaging himself.

Like prior versions of Enabot EBO, he rolls around the house, keeping pets and children of all ages entertained. The latest version adds a 4K stabilized camera, color night vision capabilities, a high-quality Harmon speaker, and compatibility with Amazon Alexa to keep your family entertained and safe.

EBO X can alert you of intruders, let you know if a member of your household has fallen, tell you if a child is crying in another room, and even provide medication reminders. Plus, he can keep an eye on your pets and home when you’re not around through the camera and app.

After all that hard work, Ebo X heads straight to his dock when he needs a charge.

Aeolus Aeo

CES 2023 had some med-tech on display, including Aeolus Aeo, who is helping out in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Aeo is a humanoid robot that can deliver food, beverages, and medicine and detect falls. The robot can distinguish between a patient and a human caregiver. The latest incarnation of this robot from Aeolus can also disinfect surfaces with ultraviolet light. The robot can alleviate some of the burdens of human caregivers, enabling them to focus on tasks only a human can do, from medical care to providing companionship.

The company says Aeo has applications outside of hospitals and assisted living facilities as well, such as in schools and offices where the robot can assist with security patrols.

ADT Commercial EvoGuard

Some websites are calling autonomous or automated security robots the next big thing in business. predicts that the Security Robots Market will reach $71.8 billion by 2027. In 2022, it was approximately $31.7 billion.

Security giant ADT takes a piece of that market share with its EvoGuard Guarding Solutions system featuring humanoid robots and autonomous drones for indoor security. Showcased at CES 2023, the company expects to ship its first products this year. According to an ADT Commercial, they use a combination of artificial intelligence and augmented reality to provide monitoring, video surveillance, and two-way communication.

John Deere ExactShot

You may not think of agricultural equipment as a part of CES, but in recent years the show has stretched the definition of “consumer” to include cool technology of virtually any ilk.

John Deere (yes, that John Deere) was exhibiting at this year’s show to share ExactShot, its sensor and robotics-based fertilizer system. The ExactShot uses sensors and robotics to place starter fertilizer directly onto seeds instead of doing a broad sweep of the area. This can reduce fertilizer use by as much as 60%, saving money and reducing the environmental impact. It may not be the cutest robot on this list, but the device can be retrofitted to existing John Deere planters, making it even more economical and eco-friendly.

Robosen Optimus Prime

When it comes to sheer “wow factor” and a healthy dose of nostalgia to CES attendees, the Optimus Prime toy robot fulfills all our expectations. The Elite Optimus Prime, officially licensed and designed in collaboration with Hasbro, converts from a truck to the famous movie robot. It responds to voice controls or mobile app commands. Mostly, it just makes us all feel even better about the future of robotics, whether we are exploring practical applications or just really cool toys.


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