Futuristic Hydrogen Boat Begins 6-Year World Voyage

The Energy Observer has embarked on a six year voyage around the world, using only solar panels, wind turbines and a hydrogen fuel cell system as its supply of power, according to Business Insider.

Starting in Paris, the Energy Observer will pass the Eiffel Tower towards the Atlantic. From there it will encounter 50 countries and 101 stopovers around the world.

Energy Observer Specifications:

  • Length: 30.5m (100ft)
  • Monetary value: €5m ($5.25m)
  • Designed: 1983
  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Wind turbines
  • Desalinator
  • Two stage H2 compressors
  • Intelligent traction
  • Electrolyser
  • Fuel cell

Frederic Dahirel and Victorien Erussard, in collaboration with a French research institute transformed the boat. It was in fact, originally used for open-sea sailing races since its design in 1983, into the Energy Observer.

“There is no silver bullet to fight against global warming: there are solutions, which we must learn to make work between them. This is what we do with Energy Observer: to bring together the energies of nature, but also our society, bringing together around this boat, the know-how of companies, laboratories, start-ups and institutions.”

Victorien Erussard

Source Business Insider UK

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