GigaSpaces Joins Forces IBM and Wix on an Open Platform to Dramatically Accelerate Enterprise Digital Services

GigaSpaces and Wix are setting out to design a joint digital acceleration hub (DAH) to enable organizations to speed up creating and launching new digital services by up to 10x. Building new services will take days vs. months, enabling high-speed iterations on existing digital services.

The enterprise offering key components include:

  • Microservices management
  • Multi-channel business applications using coding platforms
  • AI infusion that turns data into insights
  • Low-latency, high throughput, scalable Data Store
  • Seamless and open integration with various types of SoRs, on-premise, and hybrid/multi-cloud environments
  • Smart CDC for real-time data replication into the DAH data store to ensure business continuity even when SoRs are down

The solution will combine GigaSpace’s in-memory data platform with the cutting-edge capabilities of IBM and Wix.

Register for the unveiling event here.

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