Global tracking and telematics Click board from MIKROE has extensive network compatibility

u-blox module supports 14 LTE bands, four GSM/GPRS bands and integrated GNSS for precise global tracking

May 2024

MIKROE, the embedded solutions company that dramatically cuts development time by providing innovative hardware and software products based on proven standards, has launched 4G LTE&GNSS Click , a compact add-on board designed for advanced global tracking and telematics applications, enabling developers to build highly efficient and smaller solutions without compromising performance.

The board features the LENA-R8, a compact, multi-mode LTE Cat 1bis module from u-blox that supports 14 LTE bands, four GSM/GPRS bands for universal connectivity, and integrated u-blox GNSS for precise global tracking. The board facilitates seamless communication via UART and includes a USB interface for comprehensive device management and firmware updates. Key features include dual LED indicators for operational status, flexible power options, and a nano SIM card holder supporting various SIM voltages.

Comments Nebojsa Matic, CEO of MIKROE: “This Click board™ features the innovative and very useful  ClickID function, enabling a host system to seamlessly and automatically detect and identify this add-on board.”

Ideally suited for IoT applications requiring broad global coverage and high-performance location services, the 4G LTE&GNSS Click board is a powerful tool for developers in the tracking and telematics markets. 4G LTE&GNSS Click is fully compatible with the mikroBUS™ socket and can be used on any host system supporting the mikroBUS™ standard. It comes with the mikroSDK open-source libraries, offering unparalleled flexibility for evaluation and customization.


MIKROE is committed to changing the embedded electronics industry through the use of time-saving industry-standard hardware and software solutions.

With unique concepts like Remote Programming/Debugging, One New Product/Day, Multi-Architectural IDE and most recently, the Embedded Wiki™ platform with more then million ready-for-use projects, MIKROE combines its dev boards, compilers, smart displays, programmers/debuggers  and 1600+ Click peripheral boards to dramatically cut development time. mikroBUS™; mikroSDK™; SiBrain™ and DISCON™ are open standards and mikroBUS has been adopted by over 100 leading microcontroller companies and integrated on their development boards.

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