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GlobalPlatform SE for IoT Workshop For End-To-End Security

GlobalPlatform, alongside Prime Sponsor, Oracle, and Supporting Sponsors, STMicroelectronics and Able Device, is hosting a free technical workshop on April 13th to 14th with extended virtual exhibition hours on April 15th. Experts will educate delegates and offer use cases and demonstrations to explain how stakeholders can quickly and cost-effectively use secure elements (SEs) to solve their IoT implementation, business, security, regulatory and data protection challenges.

“As IoT gathers pace, our lives are becoming entwined with technology, highlighting the need for a standardised secure platform upon which these newly connected industries can thrive,” commented GlobalPlatform Executive Director, Kevin Gillick. “This free technical workshop offers an unparalleled opportunity for stakeholders throughout the IoT value chain to gain insight into how SEs can solve everyday challenges in the secure deployment and management of devices and services.”

GlobalPlatform’s Technical Director, Gil Bernabeu, will present the workshop alongside Oracle’s Senior Director of Java card, Calinel Pasteanu. The first day of the workshop will offer an introduction to SE and Java card technologies and how they can be deployed in IoT. Day 2 will focus on different uses of SEs in IoT to support device onboarding, attestation and connectivity, followed by a demonstration of GSMA’s IoT SAFE (SIM Applet for secure end-to-end). The final day will offer networking opportunities through private appointments and demonstrations via the virtual exhibition hall platform.

The sessions are aimed at stakeholders across the IoT ecosystem, including project managers, security experts, product suppliers, technical consultants, developers and systems integrators.

Register for the workshop here.

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