GM, Ford, and Tesla’s EV Charging—What it Means for You

In 2024, if you implement Tesla’s EV charging connector, you can charge GM and Ford’s electric vehicles at many of Tesla’s charging stations. The industry will likely follow suit—a significant victory for Tesla with a new and guaranteed revenue stream.

Tesla has 17,000 charging plugs and is the largest network in the United States. Its stations can charge faster than most others.

Under the agreements with GM and Ford, EVs can charge at 12,000 Tesla Supercharger plugs. You will likely need to buy an adapter to hook into Tesla chargers or continue to charge on networks with CCS connectors.

Given that the three companies control so much of the EV market, other automakers are likely to sign up with Tesla.

GM and Ford EVs can use a growing network of public stations equipped with CCS connectors, nearly 54,000 locations, with roughly 139,000 plugs. However, only 7,400 such stations are DC fast chargers.

In 2025, GM and Ford will start installing ports in their new EVs compatible with Tesla chargers. Using a CCS charger would require an adapter or a charging station that can accommodate both technologies. Companies developing their own charging networks may feel the squeeze if other automakers go with Tesla.

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