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Hacker Makes Real-Life Electromagnet Captain America Shield

There’s been much buzz around the new Captain America movie that hit theaters last week. Along with the buzz, has come plenty of fans trying to recreate some superhero tricks and attire.

One man, who goes by the name “The Hacksmith” on his YouTube channel and website, has recreated the electromagnet Captain America uses in Age of Ultron to retract his shield.

Hacker made a functional Captain America electrimagnet shield. (Image via The Hacksmith)
Hacker made a functional Captain America electromagnet shield. (Image via The Hacksmith)

The Hacksmith, who quit his job as a full-time engineer to pursue a life of creations and tinkering, used industrial electromagnets purchased on Amazon to create the shield. The magnets were so powerful that at 12v and 1.5A they lift over 260 lbs., which meant that by running them at 72V, each magnet had the potential to pull close to 1,600 lbs. The shield is powered by 3 lithium polymer battery packs that can achieve up to 175A at 24V.

The Hacksmith writes:

Not being an actual superhero, my arm needs padding, lots and lots of padding. So we started with a pair shin / knee pads that happen to fit my arm pretty well, provide good padding, and good structure to mount to. Next, we welded up a frame around the bracer with a handle to hold onto. A good strong handle is essential for holding the 30lbs of magnets and shield. The handle is also a good place for the button so we cut out a pocket and dropped in a 50A momentary push button. A little bit of hockey tape and was good to go.

Though functional, the Hacksmith says the project isn’t entirely complete yet and will inform the public of additional updates.

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