New Products Outperform Conventional Switching Diodes

MBR Series Schottky Barrier Rectifiers are the latest Littelfuse devices based on silicon Schottky diode technology; the DUR Series Ultrafast Rectifier provides ultrafast switching speed. Both series are designed to meet the general requirements of commercial and Littlefuse schottky Lindustrial applications. The Schottky Barrier Rectifiers are popular with designers because of their extremely fast switching speed, very low forward voltage drop, low leakage and high junction temperature capability; similarly, the DUR Series Ultrafast Rectifier is popular with designers because of their ultrafast switching speed with very low reverse recovery time (TRR), high blocking voltage (up to 1200V) and low leakage, and low forward voltage drop, which makes it possible to minimize power loss and increase efficiency during converter operation. Their higher temperature capability and low leakage provide higher reliability in harsh, high temperature environments.

Typical applications for both series include uninterruptible power supplies, high frequency switch-mode power supplies and DC-DC converters, as well as use as free-wheeling diodes and polarity protection diodes. The DUR Series Ultrafast Rectifier also addresses applications such as anti-parallel diodes for high frequency switching devices such as IGBTs, inductive heating and melting, and ultrasonic cleaners and welders.

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