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High current shunts offer high current handling and low TCR

Stackpole’s popular HCS series raised element SMD current shunt resistors offer low resistance values, high power ratings, and low TCR. Resistance values as low as 0.2mΩ and power ratings up to 10W mean the HCS series can accurately sense currents up to 224A.

In addition, TCR for the HCS is 50ppm for a wide range of values which ensures accurate sensing in a wide range of environments and under high current loading. Finally, the HCS series is AEC compliant, providing engineers additional assurance that they are designing in a robust, reliable component.

The HCS is a good choice for all types of high power supplies and power modules, electric motor controls, fuel powered engine controls, DC/DC converters in switching power supplies, frequency converters, voltage regulators, portable power management and battery monitoring.

Source Stackpole Electronics

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