High-Flux OSLON Black Flat LEDs from OSRAM

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking the OSLON Black Flat LEDs, from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. These multichip white LEDs for front headlamps can generate more light from a small package than any other comparable product, giving automotive, headlamp, and work lamp manufacturers greater design flexibility.

Mouser Stocks High-Flux OSLON Black Flat LEDs from OSRAM LOSRAM OSLON Black Flat LEDs, now available at Mouser Electronics, are small, high-flux light emitting diodes (LEDs) that pack robust brightness and high stability in a slim SMD-4 epoxy package. The LEDs are built on gallium nitride-based UX:3 chip technology, which generates very high luminous flux even at high currents. This brightness is emitted from a comparatively smaller package, which enables very compact headlamp designs. Designed with surface mount technology (SMT), the LEDs can be easily mounted on a printed circuit board and then processed further as part of standard soldering procedures. This soldering capability enables the LED to be integrated in a simple, standardized process and reduces the complexity of the processing steps, which saves considerable time and costs, especially compared to previous multichip LEDs. The black QFN package expands in a similar way to the circuit board during cyclic temperature loads, meaning that the soldered joints are exposed to much less strain and are significantly stronger.

The 500-lm KW H2L531.TE model LED has a low thermal resistance of 1.6 K/W (typical, LED only), a luminous intensity of 174.9 cd, and a color chromaticity of 0.32 (Cx) and 0.33 (Cy) according to CIE 1931. The 250-lm LUW HWQP model LED has thermal resistance of 4.3 K/W (typical, LED only), a luminous intensity of 87.5 cd, and a color chromaticity of 0.33 (Cx) and 0.34 (Cy). Both models deliver a beam angle of 120 degrees at 50 percent luminous intensity.

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