Honeywell and Freyr to Deploy Smart Energy Storage via Next-gen Battery Cells

Honeywell will leverage its integrated automation, field instrumentation, and security integration solutions in its manufacturing process and purchase 19 GWh of battery cells produced by FREYR from 2023 through 2030 for many energy storage systems applications. The companies will provide smart energy storage solutions targeting the needs of commercial and industrial customers. FREYR will leverage Honeywell’s automation and software expertise, including automation systems, quality assurance and controls, and industrial software, to provide manufacturing capacity at scale in Europe and the U.S. The battery cells produced will be “behind-the-meter” or at industrial locations, as well as “front-of-the-meter” locations like large solar and wind renewable power generation sites.

Honeywell has committed to achieving carbon neutrality in its operations and facilities by 2035. The Honeywell/FREYR work builds on its track record of sharply reducing greenhouse gas intensity of its operations and facilities and decades of innovation to help customers meet environmental and social goals. To learn more, please visit:

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