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How Did IEEE do Predicting 2021?

People often take New Year’s predictions with a grain of salt. And, in some cases, that’s wise. HOWEVER, the IEEE Computer Society (IEEE CS) is showing us its scorecard for 2021 Technology Predictions. Their score? A collective grade of B- and that’s not bad—especially for a COVID year.

Here are some of their predictions, but for more detail, check out the complete press release:

  • Remote workforce technologies (graded A)
  • HPC as a Service (graded B+)
  • In-memory computing (graded B)
  • Machine Learning (ML for additive and subtractive manufacturing (graded B)
  • Cyberweapons (graded B)
  • Social distancing technologies (graded B)
  • Reliability/safety challenges for intelligent autonomous systems (graded B-)
  • Synthetic data for training ML systems free of bias (graded B/C)
  • Disinformation detection (graded B/C)
  • Low latency virtual musical rehearsal and performance (graded B/C)
  • Trustworthy and explainable AI/ML (graded C+)
  • Election security/social medial controls (graded C)

The authors who initially made the predictions in November 2020 evaluated their predictions individually. They used averages and standard deviations as a basis for the discussion that eventually resulted in the final rating. Sign up to receive the 2022 Tech Predictions to be announced in January.

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