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How to Earn a Supplemental Type Certificate from the FAA [INFOGRAPHIC]

CertifyNation,  A Division of The Angelus Corporation, an aerospace engineering and certification services company, released a new infographic highlighting the major steps to earn a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Infographic: 8 Steps to STC Issuance

The FAA STC process for aircraft modifications is a complex and lengthy process for customers. The infographic “8 Steps to STC Issuance” was designed to map the FAA STC process and clarify the requirements to earn an STC. The eight major steps to STC issuance include:

  1. Initial Technical Coordination Meeting (ITCM) and Aircraft Survey
  2. File STC Application with FAA
  3. Design and Substantiation Data Development
  4. Receive TIA from FAA or ODA
  5. Prototype Aircraft Installation
  6. Inspection and Testing
  7. Receive FAA STC
  8. Foreign STC Validation

CertifyNation specializes in developing turnkey STC packages for aircraft modifications and offers a comprehensive suite of start to finish aircraft certification services, including engineering, testing and kitting. With an experienced team and longstanding industry partnerships, CertifyNation has built a reputation for accelerating certification timelines.

Learn more about CertifyNation’s FAA STC expertise.

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