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First Fully Autonomous Drone Flights Approved in Europe

Azur Drones, a European surveillance UAV company, has just received the first and only DGAC approval for a fully-automated drone – Skeyetech- which takes off from a docking station and requires no remote pilot. This specific approval is unprecedented since any authorized flight scenario in France requires a qualified pilot.

Skeyetech drones can fly over private areas, Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS), day or night, and in urban areas, under just the supervision of a remote operator. With this unique approval, the system will be directly operated by a security guard with no pilot license. The drone will be used to patrol the area or provide valuable aerial insights in case of an alarm.

“This unprecedented approval is a landmark event for the professional civil drone,” said Jean-Marc Crépin, Azur Drones CEO. “Azur Drones unlocks huge markets that are currently restrained by the complexity of common drone solutions implementation. Unlike standard piloted solutions, our systems are easy-to-use, operational 24/7, precise and reliable.”

The company aims to make autonomous drone a standard in the security market, in France and overseas. Azur Drones is already under discussions with other authorities in order to get similar approvals in several other countries.

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