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Non-lethal weapon for security services


A new type of non-lethal weapons that can be used by law-enforcement agencies for covert operations and counter-terrorism efforts has been developed by Ruselectronics Holding Company (part of Rostec State Corporation). The system is being created on the basis of the visual and optical jammer 5P-42 Filin. The prototype will be presented in 2019.

Due to high-intensity optical radiation, the new weapon will be able to dazzle enemies, in order to have time for their neutralization. The range of weapon operation is up to 700m, the width of impact sector is ten to 15°.

“During covert operations, an opportunity to ‘blind’ an enemy gives a considerable tactical advantage. It deprives criminals of an opportunity to provide accurate fire or keep track of combat groups transfer. This non-lethal weapon is based on a well-proven technology used on naval surface ships. This device may be adopted by special, military and security forces,” said Sergey Abramov, Industrial Director of the Сluster for Conventional Weapons, Ammunition and Special Chemistry of Rostec State Corporation.

The device can be used by law-enforcement agencies and special forces for covert operations focused on neutralization of criminals and for counter-terrorism efforts. The prototype of this new non-lethal weapon generating high-power visual and optical interference will be tested in 2019.

The system is being created on the basis of the visual and optical jammer 5P-42 Filin. This jammer is used on naval surface ships for suppression of visual and electro-optical channels used for surveillance and aiming of small and short-range weapons at the distance of up to 5,000m.

Source Ruselectronics Holding Company

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