How to get your Bonsai Tree to hover

If you’ve ever seen a Japanese Bonsai Tree before, then you know they typically sit in a base — and that’s it. You can trim them and channel some peace-of-mind in the process, but it’s doubtful that you have ever seen them do anything exciting. Especially not hover.

Air Bonsai. (Image via Kickstarter)
Air Bonsai. (Image via Kickstarter)

A Japanese start-up called Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Garden has launched a type of Bonsai plant that hovers 2 cm over its base. How exactly do you get a plant to float?

The Air Bonsai is comprised of two components: the top half “little star” and the bottom half “energy base.”

The top half of the plant is powered by a built-in magnet, while the bottom half, also equipped with a built-in magnet, has a rotating mechanism and runs with an AC adapter.

The company is selling the plants as DIY kits that come with all of the necessary ingredients to make your Bonsai float.

Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Garden has launched a Kickstarter campaign and has already doubled its initial funding goal of $80,000. Anyone interested can secure a kit for $200 on the campaign page.




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