This robot can solve a Rubik’s cube faster than anyone

Two years ago, the Internet had the pleasure of meeting Cubestormer 3, a LEGO robot that achieved a Guinness World Record title for the fastest Rubik’s cube solving ever. The robot was able to complete a Rubik’s cube in just 3.253 seconds.

(Image via YouTube/ Jay Flatland)

If you think that’s fast, the Cubestormer 3 has some competition. Now there’s a robot that can solve a Rubik’s cube in under two seconds — 1.196 seconds, to be exact.

The robot was built by two hobbyists named Jay Flatland and Paul Rose, who have applied for a world record to steal the title, and comes equipped with some stepper motors and four webcams so that it can “see” the cube.

To develop the super-fast Rubik’s cube solving robot, Flatland and Rose connected  it to a computer that acts as its brain. The computer runs on Linux to figure out the cube’s position and generate an algorithm for solving it. The duo then 3D-printed the frame and motors that connect to the robots feet and hold the cube in place.

Don’t believe it? Watch the video here.

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