Video of the Day: Hyperloop test-track to open in Las Vegas next year

Hyperloop Technologies, the company that is building what it calls the “fifth mode of transportation” capable of reaching  speeds over 500 mph in two seconds, will open a test track in Las Vegas, NV in the next month.


According to Hyperloop CEO, Rob Lloyd, the Hyperloop’s Propulsion Open Air Test will be conducted at the Apex Industrial Park.

“This is another step, but a very important one, on our way to realizing the full potential of Hyperloop Tech,” Lloyd wrote in a blog post.

The company’s envisioned first full-system, full-scale, full-speed test will comprise over two miles of tube and a controlled environment. Inside the tube the Hyperloop tech team will levitate a pod and accelerate it to over 700 mph.  The company aims to complete this goal by the end of next year.

Take a quick look at what the test track will look like in the video below.

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