Imagining Post-COVID Education with AI Workshop

Riiid Labs, the global arm of AI-education company Riiid, has announced that researchers at Riiid will be hosting the Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIEd) workshop on Feb. 9th at the 35th annual Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) virtual conference.

At the workshop, titled ‘Imagining Post-COVID Education with AI,’ AIEd researchers from around the world will gather virtually to consider the practical development of AI systems for teaching. COVID-19 has accelerated the inevitable transformation towards virtual education, leading to an unprecedented demand for scalable, personalized learning systems.

“Riiid is working towards realizing AI solutions that would drive a learner-centric education paradigm shift,” said Riiid founder and CEO, YJ Jang. “Not only the interest and participation of global top-level AI researchers are necessary but we need a consensus among various stakeholders in education as well as the public to make changes in education.”

Co chaired by Paul Kim, Chief Technology Officer and Assistant Dean of the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University, and Neil Heffernan, professor of computer science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, the workshop will feature many important speakers in the fields of education and AI including:

  • Thomas Frey, Futurist, DaVinci Institute
  • Mark Schneider, Director, Institute for Education Sciences, US Dept of Education
  • Amy Baylor, Program Director, National Science Foundation
  • Elizabeth Bailey Kozleski, Professor at Stanford Graduate School of Education
  • Martha Kanter, CEO of College Promise and former US Undersecretary of Education
  • Kumar Garg, Managing Director at Schmidt Futures Foundation
  • Bryan Richardson, Senior Program Officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Adam Kalai, Senior Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research

The speakers will focus on why educational innovation through technology is needed, what solutions education needs now and in the future, and what AI technology is currently applicable and in development. Furthermore, discussions will be held on a wide range of topics such as the establishment of ethical standards necessary for the development and application of AI technology, the importance of eliminating data bias, and support for underprivileged students.

At the workshop, winners from the inaugural Riiid AIEd Challenge will present their state-of-the-art Knowledge Tracing models. The Challenge aimed to provide a common ground for researchers to share their cutting-edge insights on AIEd and encourage. Its success – it was the biggest competition of 2020 on Google’s Kaggle platform with 3,400 teams competing from 90 countries – indicates a growing interest in the field of education among the world’s top AI researchers.

For the full workshop agenda, click here.

Riiid, based in Korea, offers Santa, a mobile test prep application for the popular English proficiency exam, Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC). Santa has been used by more than two million students in Korea and Japan, and has reached No. 1 in sales among education applications in Japan and Korea. Riiid’s AI technology analyzes student data and content, predicts scores and user behavior, and recommends personalized study plans in real-time to help students optimize their learning potential.

Santa has proven the efficacy of Riiid’s technology and the company is now focused on providing deep learning back-end solutions for companies, school districts and education ministries around the world for a wide range of new learning applications.

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