Industry’s Absolute Lowest Power Wi-Fi Module

 Theobroma Systems, has selected InnoPhase’s Talaria TWO wireless platform to develop the lowest power Wi-Fi module for embedded solutions.

The compact wireless module is targeted at demanding battery-based wireless applications at the edge of the network.  The new product will support high-performance 802.11b/g/n operation at DTIM power levels as low as 62uA – which is two to ten times lower than any other low power Wi-Fi module in the market today.  In addition, the Talaria TWO wireless radio enables the module to provide full support for BLE 5.0 operation.

One of the major challenges of the IoT has remained that of power consumption and the need for battery replacement or recharging, particularly within commercial or industrial applications such as building automation, according to ABI Research, a global tech market advisory firm. In their May 30, 2019Hot Tech Innovators: Wireless Connectivity report, they identified InnoPhase among the top 10 companies innovating in the wireless connectivity landscape and helping to address key challenges that the wireless industry is facing today.

Theobroma Systems’ low-power wireless module can run standalone or integrated into embedded computing platforms such as the upcoming high-efficiency quad-core ARM Cortex-A35 based PX30-uQ7 system-on-module (SoM), or it can be connected to other popular embedded compute platforms.  In addition, it is developing an entire Linux-based software interface environment designed to make it simple for developers to create complex applications that take full advantage of the wide range of “on-module” sensor I/O interfaces and the advanced system power management capabilities of the new Talaria TWO radio platform.  The integration of the wireless module into the PX30-uQ7 SoM engineers a powerful development platform for building advanced applications on top of the connectivity provided by Talaria TWO, by incorporating a wide range of peripherals including camera-input and display-output.

“We chose the Talaria TWO wireless chipset from InnoPhase because it offers the lowest-power Wi-Fi solution with a direct cloud connection, eliminating expensive gateway devices,” said Dr. Philipp Tomsich, CTO of Theobroma Systems. “The collaboration with InnoPhase enables us to deliver the absolute lowest power Wi-Fi solutions to our customers.”

Wi-Fi based smart sensor devices for industrial, consumer, commercial and medical applications can expect to see a significant battery-life improvement. And InnoPhase will be meeting with manufacturers and the media at Sensors Expo and Conference in San Jose, CAJune 26 – 27, 2019. If you are interested in scheduling a briefing at the show or on the phone, please contact [email protected].

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