Innovative wide VIN DC/DC controller features industry’s highest 65-V operation

Texas Instruments (TI) introduced a 2.2-MHz, dual-channel synchronous buck converter with a unique set of features designed to significantly reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) and high-frequency noise in high-voltage DC/DC step-down applications such as automotive infotainment and high-end cluster power-supply systems. The LM5140-Q1 controller includes dual outputs with phase interleaving and is offered in wettable flank packaging that speeds manufacturing. Together with TI’s WEBENCH® Automotive Design tool, the LM5140-Q1 enables engineers to get their automotive designs to market faster.

LM5140-Q1 key features and benefits:

  • Wide 3.8-V to 65-V operating range handles start-stop and load-dump conditions for 12-V/24-V lead-acid and emerging 48-V Lithium-ion automotive batteries. Read the application note, “Maintain output voltage regulation during automotive cold-crank conditions.”
  • 2.2-MHz operation with external synchronization capability moves switching noise above the sensitive AM band, eliminating the need for frequency hopping.
  • Unique, adjustable gate-drive slew-rate control reduces EMI emissions by up to 10 dB with less than a 1 percent reduction in efficiency, which reduces external EMI filtering, saves printed circuit board (PCB) area, and simplifies compliance with CISPR 25 automotive EMI requirements. Watch the video and read the blog post on how to use slew-rate control for EMI reduction.
  • Low 35-uA quiescent current (IQ) in standby (one channel operating with no load) extends battery life in “always on” applications.
  • Wettable flank packaging enables post-solder visual inspection to speed manufacturing. Read the blog, “The value of wettable flank-plated QFN packaging for automotive applications.”

LM5140-Q1 _21March2016 LFor industrial applications requiring a regulated voltage above 15 V such as programmable logic controllers or factory automation equipment, read the blog post, “How to extend a controller’s output-voltage range.”

The LM5140-Q1 joins the recently released LM53600-Q1, LM53601-Q1, LM53602-Q1 and LM53603-Q1 buck converters to create a complete family of controllers and converters designed for automotive systems that draw from less than 1 A of power to more than 10 A. All of these devices feature greater than 2-MHz switching frequency, low operating IQ and EMI reduction features.

The LM5140-Q1 uses external metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) to support up to 10-A dual-channel loads for high-end infotainment systems and other noise-sensitive systems. The LM53600-Q1 and LM53601-Q1 support 650-mA and 1-A load current, respectively, for emerging advanced driver assistance (ADAS) systems. The LM53602-Q1 and LM53603-Q1 deliver 2-A and 3-A loads, respectively, for higher-current ADAS and infotainment systems.

Availability, packaging and pricing

Available in volume now from TI and its authorized distributors, the LM5140-Q1 is packaged in an 8-pin, 6-mm by 6-mm by 0.9-mm very thin quad flat no-lead (VQFN) package and priced at US$3.90 in 1,000-unit quantities.

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