Introducing the new TI SensorTag

The new TI SensorTag is based on the CC2650 ultra-low power wireless MCU, offering a ®-M3 and a fraction of the power consumption compared to previous Bluetooth® Smart products. It also includes cloud support, letting you move your sensor data from the smartphone app to the cloud with a simple touch on the screen.

The new SensorTag features 10 sensors, including digital microphone, light, and magnet, and will be expandable with add-on daughter cards. Total current consumption for the SensorTag has been reduced to 4 uA in power down mode.

The Sensortag can now be expanded with an optional debugger including a Code Composer™ Studio C-compiler license.

Features of the new TI SensorTag

  • More sensors
    • Added support for more low-power sensors
    • 10 sensors including support for light, microphone, and magnetic sensors
  • Lower power
    • Peak power consumption reduced by 75%
  • Significantly improved performance with ARM Cortex-M3 (CC2650 wireless MCU)
  • Multi-standard wireless support
    • Bluetooth Smart
    • ZigBee®
  • Cloud connectivity
    • Access and control your SensorTag from anywhere
    • Seamless integration with mobile apps and web through cloud services
  • Complete development system
    • Low-cost debugger/emulator add-on available
    • Code Composer™ Studio compiler license included

SensorTag App

  • Available for both Android and iOS
  • Source code available for download
  • Build your own SensorTag app in minutes by enabling the SensorTag sensors
  • Quick and easy prototyping
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