Is Generative AI Interest Tanking?

Generative AI rollouts have been the epitome of hype.  From concerns that AI unleashed would mean the rapid end of the Earth to, “Oh boy, this can do my work for me.”

Make no mistake, the hype still exists. There’s been a bit of a standstill in interest, however, likely based on regulation attempts, suits by creators of IP alleging copyright violations, and the very real issues of privacy invasion.

Supposedly consumers are losing interest. Bing hasn’t sent Google’s market share soaring, and the errors in ChatGPT are becoming more visible. If you can’t trust it—maybe it’s not ready for prime time.

Generative AI won’t leave us. But a slowdown is probably a good thing. Google’s hesitation to integrate its chatbot into its search services as extensively as Microsoft did may be wise, given the number of chatbots going off the rails. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission is looking into ChatGPT’s inaccurate responses.

The technology is being poked, prodded, tested, hailed, and dismissed simultaneously. Although it is a powerful tool, it’s still in the “party trick” category—probably a good place for it, at least for a while.

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