Keysight Technologies Unveils WaferPro Express 2015 Platform for Wafer-Level Device Characterization

Software’s Breakthrough Capabilities Further Streamline Automated Wafer-level Measurements


Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) today unveiled WaferPro Express 2015, a measurement software platform for the automated characterization of wafer-level devices and circuit components. By efficiently controlling all components in a wafer-level measurement system (instruments and wafer probers alike), WaferPro Express reduces measurement setup complexity and provides a unified platform for efficient automated measurement and data management.

High-volume wafer-level measurements are no longer exclusive to the semiconductor foundry production floor. Today, many R&D teams measure high-volume data for applications such as device modeling, process monitoring, reliability and component characterization; often at different temperatures. As a result, automated probers are becoming standard in R&D device characterization labs.

A key breakthrough in WaferPro Express 2015 is its exclusive integration with Cascade Microtech’s Velox 2.0 probe station control software. WaferPro Express and Velox 2.0 are integrated through Cascade Microtech’s WaferSync, a jointly developed two-way communication link. The link allows for complete wafer map synchronization, which enables easy and error-free information exchange between the software, including wafer alignment, sites and die information.

The new WaferPro Express link to Velox 2.0, coupled with major usability improvements, allows test engineers to quickly setup measurement systems. To further maximize efficiency during RF measurement, WaferPro Express periodically monitors the stability of the RF calibration. Doing so minimizes the time spent collecting inaccurate data.

“WaferPro Express 2015 was enabled by our collaboration with Cascade Microtech and represents a major milestone in our program to provide Wafer-level Measurement Solutions to our customers,” said Charles Plott, marketing manager for Keysight EEsof EDA. “The Wafer-level Measurement Solutions program offers customers guaranteed system configuration, installation and support. WaferPro Express is the centerpiece software of that program, connecting all of the system components and providing customers the flexibility they need to get to their first measurement quickly.”

A typical Wafer-Level Measurement Solution (WMS) configuration for DC/RF measurements includes a Keysight PNA or PNA-X network analyzer and a B1500A Semiconductor Device Parameter Analyzer integrated with a Cascade Microtech wafer probe station, WinCal XE calibration software and Impedance Standard Substrates for calibration. WMS configurations are pre-verified and optimized for accurate and repeatable device and component characterization. Verification of newly installed systems is performed using the new Keysight Verification Substrate (KVS). Each KVS is fully characterized at the factory and features standard devices that engineers can probe with G-S-G probes after RF calibration. WaferPro Express 2015 measures the KVS during initial system verification procedure. Then, by comparing measured and factory data, it certifies the system’s proper operation.

Other new features in WaferPro Express 2015 include support for noise figure measurements and the ability to import test routines developed using Keysight IC-CAP Modeling and Measurement software. The new noise figure measurement capability further complements the software’s existing gain compression, two-tone intermodulation distortion and S-parameter measurements currently available in the latest Keysight PNA-X instrument driver.

About WaferPro Express

WaferPro Express reduces the complexity in R&D measurements by providing a commercial platform that manages the test plan and allows the user to easily save, display and monitor data. Tens of turn-key drivers are provided so that users can quickly execute standard measurements. A further level of customization is offered by the Python programming environment. Python scripts are typically developed to analyze measured data, calculate and save key figures of merit, customize data monitoring and replace or complement built-in instrument drivers with custom algorithms.


WaferPro Express 2015.01 will be available in June for download at More information on WaferPro Express is available at A video showing WaferPro Express working with Keysight instruments and Cascade Microtech equipment in the context of WMS is available at Images of WaferPro Express 2015.01 are available at

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