Ladies: Forget the Fitbit, this biometric bra is the new wearable

While Fitbits and smartwatches are the “in” fitness and health accessory, a company called OMsignal has introduced its newest wearable device — a smart bra that adapts to your body and workout to provide real-time biometrics and fitness features.

The OMbra. (Image via OMsignal).
The OMbra. (Image via OMsignal)

OM is not new to the wearable market. Last year it launched a collection of of smart shirts for men that turned out to be a success. After a flood of requests from women, the company finally released the wearable geared toward women.

The bra was designed by a team sports bra designers, scientists and engineers who developed 1,633 prototypes over the past year and used software development methodologies and approaches to create the bra as it is now.

The OMbra comes equipped with software which the company calls OMrun. OMrun is a running platform that assists athletes manage their running performance.

In addition to the health-monitoring basics like distance, cadence, pace, heart rate and calories, scientists developed additional metrics exclusive to OMsignal such as: oxygen monitoring, breathing rhythm, fatigue levels, and a biometric coach.

OMsignal will be showing off its OMbra at CES in Las Vegas this week and will begin selling for about $150 in the Spring.

For more information, visit OMsignal.

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