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Laser diode module for machine vision solutions

In addition to cameras, the high-growth market of machine vision requires ever more complex forms of illumination, IMM Photonics has presented the laser diode module series ilumVISION as a solution for demanding illumination needs. The new laser diode module with homogeneous line can be applied, in particular, wherever the highest possible level of even illumination is called for.

Available with the options ‘thin line’ or ‘high focus depth’, ilumVISION is ideal for the resolution of especially small structures or large working areas.

An innovative driver design allows for a high modulation frequency of up to one megahertz with short rise and fall times. Particularly worthy of mention are the switch-on and switch-off delays which remain constant over the entire modulation area.

The standard versions of the modules have a focal range of between 300 and 1,000mm. At 520nm, an output capacity of up to 50mW is offered, and 130mW at 660nm. The wide range input allows for operations between 4.5 and 30V. Aperture angles between 15° and 90° are available.

Source IMM Photonics

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