Lexus Has Created The World’s First-Ever Car With A Heartbeat

In order to promote the Lexus RC F vehicle, the company has created a customized version that possesses its own heartbeat — well, not its own, but the driver’s heartbeat— and even glows in the dark. The Heartbeat Lexus was designed to show the world “how thrilling it is to drive a Lexus RC F,” according to Lexus.

To promote the vehicle, Lexus hooked up three professional drivers to the 5.0L V8 RC F using biometric paintwork that displayed their heartbeats. Then the company built a test track inspired by Japanese Motorsport and set the drivers on it to race the Lexus RC F at night (to get the full glow-in-the-dark effects).

Watch the preview here. More information will be revealed on July 24 so stay tuned.

“Lexus F vehicles are designed from the ground up to amplify the driver’s skill, rather than demand an advanced level of driving expertise,” according to the Lexus F website.

For even more information on Lexus F vehicles visit the website.

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