DC/DC converter efficiency improves with light-load algorithms

Efficient operation combined with the standard pinout, space saving TSOT26 package are key features of the 1.5A AP65101 and 2A AP65201 synchronous DC/DC buck converters introduced by Diodes Incorporated.

Targeting consumer electronics

These devices achieve maximum continuous current efficiencies up to 97% with improved efficiency at lower loads ensured by an automatic light-load algorithm.

The AP65101/201 buck converters are designed for low voltage regulation.

Especially in distributed power architectures, and operate from 4.5-16V inputs while delivering adjustable output voltage from 0.8V up to 80% of VIN.

A low quiescent supply current and integrated high and low-side switches with low RDS(ON) both help to reduce power loss.

Protection features

Including under-voltage lockout, over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature, help prevent damage to downstream components and stress-induced premature component failure.

The device enable pin also has a high voltage tolerance of up to 6V.

The high level of integration and minimal need for external components combined with the small-footprint TSOT26 package provide valuable cost and circuit board space savings.

Current-mode operation enables fast transient response and easy loop stabilization.

Other features like programmable soft-start and a 500kHz switching frequency contribute to ease of use.

In 1k piece quantities, the AP65101 is priced at $0.21 each.

The AP65201 is priced at $0.25 each.

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