Littelfuse Unveils FDA117: A Breakthrough in Optically Isolated Photovoltaic Drivers for Enhanced Isolation in Switching Applications

Littelfuse introduces the FDA117 Optically Isolated Photovoltaic Driver.  A new product that redefines power sources, offering a floating power solution that excels in isolated switching applications across diverse industries.

The FDA117 is engineered to command discrete standard power MOSFETs and IGBTs using a floating voltage source, ensuring impeccable isolation between the low-voltage drive input and high-voltage load output sides. Featuring an input control current range of 5 mA to 50 mA, an integrated fast turn-off circuitry, and 5 kV RMS reinforced isolation; the FDA117 delivers ample voltage and current to drive discrete power MOSFETs and IGBTs with precision.


FDA117 Optically Isolated Photovoltaic Driver

A standout feature of the FDA117 is its ability to generate a floating power source boasting up to 15.3 V voltage and 60 µA current, making it an ideal choice for driving standard MOSFET devices and IGBTs. This unique capability provides unparalleled flexibility in application designs, facilitating the direct driving of common MOSFET/IGBT devices and the secure shutdown of external power semiconductors in under 0.5 milliseconds.

The versatility of the FDA117 extends its applications to various markets, including:

  • Industrial
  • Energy
  • Building Automation
  • Smart Home

Whether employed in custom solid-state relay designs, power, and load control, or industrial process management, the FDA117 establishes a crucial isolation barrier, safeguarding equipment and individuals from potential electrical hazards.

Mark P. Smith, Director of Product Management for Integrated Circuits & MCU, emphasized the customer-centric approach, stating, “To enhance our customers’ flexibility in application designs, we developed the FDA117 as a single-channel addition to our existing portfolio of Photovoltaic Drivers. Its high open circuit voltage, short circuit current, and 5 kV RMS reinforced isolation voltage extend design flexibility significantly.”

Available in both 4-pin DIP through-hole and surface mount packages, the FDA117 ensures pinout compatibility with other Photovoltaic Drivers on the market, facilitating seamless integration into existing designs without significant modifications.

Key Features of the FDA117 Optically Isolated Photovoltaic Driver:

  • Operates with as low as five mA input control current
  • Enables driving standard power MOSFETs and IGBTs
  • It provides a floating output voltage ranging from 10.5 V to 15.3 V
  • Integrated fast turn-off circuitry for controlled switching
  • 5,000 VRMS reinforced insulation for enhanced safety
  • Available in 4-pin surface mount and through-hole package options

In conclusion, Littelfuse’s FDA117 sets a new standard in isolated switching applications, offering unparalleled performance, flexibility, and safety for diverse industrial needs.

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