Low power a feature of IDT PCIe clock generators

Mouser Electronics is now shipping the 9FGL PCI Express (PCIe) Clock Generators from Integrated Device Technology (IDT). The 9FGL family of clock generators are members of IDT’s 3.3V low-power PCIe series and support both Common Clock (CC) with or without spread spectrum and Separate Reference no-Spread (SRnS) PCIe clocking architectures. Operating at 120mW and 130mW power consumption respectively, the 9FGL06 and 9FGL08 generators are the lowest power 3.3V PCIe clock generators available, eliminating thermal concerns in high-performance consumer devices.

The IDT 9FGL PCIe Clock Generators, available from Mouser Electronics, are low-power clock generators that generate low-power HCSL differential clock outputs in either 6-output (9FGL06) or 8-output (9FGL08) forms. All 9FGL clock generators feature support for two different spread spectrum levels plus an off function (0% spread). Direct connections to transmission lines and small 40-pin, 5mm x 5mm (9DFGL06) or 48-pin, 6mm x 6mm (9FGL08) VFQFPN packages reduce required board space and BOM costs. The 9FGL0641 and 9FGL0651 devices contain default configuration, and the 9FGL06P1 and 9FGL08P1 devices can be programmed with a user-defined power up default SMBus configuration. These SMBus-selectable features allow optimization options including control input polarity, control input pull up/downs, slew rate for each output, differential output amplitude, 33 , 85 , or 100 ohm output impedance for each output, and spread spectrum amount.

Applications for the 9FGL family include computing systems, networking systems, industrial applications, and data-communications applications.

Mouser - Industry’s Lowest Power 3.3V PCIe Clock Generators from IDT

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