Magnetic Quantum Material Breakthrough

A new quantum material with magnetic properties may pave the way for ultra-fast and considerably more energy-efficient computers and mobile devices. While these materials tend to work only in cold temperatures, a research team at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden says they are the first to create a two-dimensional magnetic quantum material at room temperature.

The research and development of two-dimensional quantum materials that are only a few atoms thick is opening doors for sustainable, faster, and more energy-efficient data storage and processing in computers and mobiles.

2-D magnetic materials have greater sustainability and are ideal for energy-efficient and ultra-fast applications for sensors and advanced magnetic memory and computing. Researchers, however, have only demonstrated 2-D magnets in extremely low temperatures in laboratory environments, so-called cryogenic temperatures, inhibiting their broader use. Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology demonstrated, for the first time, a new 2-D magnetic material-based device at room temperature. They used an iron-based alloy with graphene to enable a range of technical applications in several industries as well as in our everyday lives.



These Spintronic devices exploit the spin of electrons to generate and control charge currents and to interconvert electrical and magnetic signals. By combining processing, storage, sensing, and logic within a single integrated platform, spintronics could potentially outperform semiconductor-based electronics with advantages in scaling, power consumption, and data processing speed.

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