Engineering 101

Maintaining a strong pulse


In late 2017 HEMP filter specialist MPE contracted the specialist US defense industry test house Jaxon Engineering & Maintenance of Colorado Springs to conduct further independent pulse current injection (PCI) testing of MPE’s HEMP protection filters.

The testing was completed at Jaxon’s test facility in early December 2017. In attendance and assisting throughout this period of testing was MPE Design Engineer John Lindsay, enabling a flexible approach to the testing program and maximising the use of laboratory resource and time.

PCI testing of MPE’s suite of commercial HEMP filters was conducted in line with the Standard IEC 61000-4-24. Accordingly Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Part 4-24 relates to testing and measurement techniques – test methods for protective devices for HEMP conducted disturbance. This Standard was published by the IEC in November 2015.

In addition, testing of several proprietary designs, not yet released to market by MPE, was carried out against the current revision of MIL-STD-188-125. Finally, a group of filters, including MPE’s 250A HEMP powerline filter, were tested in line with the changes being proposed to the current Military Standard.

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